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Not Too Late To Meditate

It is never too late to start meditating. All ages experience many benefits from developing a meditation practice. If everyone had a sincere intent to learn and apply meditation what a peaceful loving world we would have.

I started practicing 11 years ago for a class that required a self meditation study. I was 35 years old and meditating for the first time in my life. I taught myself to do a basic counting technique and quickly realized that I wanted to learn more.

Married, with five children, and a full-time job, I decided to find a way to fit meditation into my hectic life. I began reading about the different methods of practice and the benefits they brought. I joined a meditation center and it wasn’t long before I started experiencing results. I noticed improvement in the areas of stress management, pain tolerance, and even my blood pressure.

As the years have passed my meditation practice has become an important part of who I am and who I want to become. It has not always been easy and there are still days that I look for excuses to avoid it. For those moments I have empowered myself with many encouraging tools. I joined a dharma class, keep a journal, purchased a cushion, meditation table, insight timer, candles, books and more books, guided meditation apps, and of course I have my sangha friends to cheer me on. My life has become enriched by my practice and I no longer can imagine me without it. My wish is for all ages to begin a practice and experience the benefits of meditation like I have. It is a journey well worth taking.

Peace and Flowers,