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A Mindful Lunch

Whole green beans in a carton.

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I just finished eating my lunch and well it was interesting, insightful, and odd to say the least. This was my first mindful meal and I thought not only would I record this for my reflection but I would share it. I also want to ask what your experience in mindfulness has been? If you have not done this maybe give it a try. Let me know how it goes. 

I sat down at my desk with my lunch like I do most days. My computer was on and typically I work while eating. Today for the smallest moment I thought I will be more spiritual about this meal and read a dharma book during my lunch. I clicked on my nook app, pulled up my current book, and proceeded to eat a fork full of green beans while reading the first sentence. That is when it hit me. Just two days ago in my FP class (a dharma / meditation class) when we broke off into discussion groups this exact topic came up. We sat there talking about being mindful and one person in my group mentioned being out to lunch and a person eating while playing games on his phone. She used this as an example of how we busy our minds. The other person in the group said she is often not mindful while eating and tends to eat while working. So as I sat with my phone in hand, book app opened, reading and eating it hit me that I should practice mindful eating. 

So I set my phone down. Move my plate in front of me. I was at this point excited that it dawned on me to do this and happy for this little growth moment. I picked up a fork full of food and take my first bite. My mind in a panick I start thinking thoughts. Great idea what do I do now. Chew chew chew. Hey I should write this day down. It might be useful. Do I do mindful house cleaning? Maybe I could start doing that as well. I could put head phones on and listen to The Joyful Path of Good Fortune. Oh wait, that is not mindful. I will just clean. Oh wait with all these thoughts I am not being mindful now. Come back. Chew chew. Panic again what am I suppose to think about. Humor comes up. Oh this is crazy. Why can’t I just sit and eat in this moment. Then I begin to think do the people in my class eat in the moment. Wow this is hard. I don’t like sitting here doing nothing. Chew Chew. Taste the green bean. Taste the water. Breathe ok I am doing it. Panic, good god how long is this lunch! Oh it has only been two minutes. TWO MINUTES!!! No wonder Monks are typically skinny, they must hate meal times. This is horrible. I have tasted the food now what do I do. I cannot not just sit here  re tasting. Is that a stereo type saying Monks are typically skinny? Is that politically correct? Would it be considered insulting? Oh there I go again thinking. Chew Chew. Oh this really is horrible. I started looking at things. I am then reading the label on the water bottle. Errr. Chew Chew. Taste the green bean. Maybe I need something more interesting than green beans. Maybe dessert or coffee instead of beans and water. Chew Chew. I should ………….

Then as I bring myself back to the moment and with a bit of gentle humor  I am telling myself this is crazy. I can eat in peace. I am not a … opps don’t say it that is not nice. Chew Chew. The green bean is salty and no longer hot. Just warm and juicy. String beans are juicy?! Who knew? I also noticed that the taste is really good. Thank you farmer for planting and working to bring me this. I pick up another bite and notice the plastic fork. Thank you inventor of plastic, canner, label maker, factory worker. Thank you Deann for teaching me this lesson of seeing all the hands that have had a part in feeding me. Thanks Deborah and Nicole for specifically talking about lunch so it would stick with me. Breathing, eating, grateful ! Breathing, eating, I am grateful. Of course the time ticked slow, my mind still wandered, and I had to continue to bring it back but all in all I felt good. I noticed for those brief seconds that the world moved together just so I could eat. From the plowed field, to  the desk where I was sitting, and even to the government ( I complained about daily) that employees me and the veterans who need my services. We really are one. 

It was brief but it was there I felt it. That calm peaceful second. I will not lie I was so happy to eat the last bite and know it was over. Hahaha! I think I will try this again tomorrow. I might even try tonight at dinner. Well maybe not that soon but lunch tomorrow for sure!

Peace and Flowers


A Shout Out To A Couple Of My Spiritual Guides!

The term ‘Guru’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘Spiritual Guide’. A Spiritual Guide can be eastern, western, male, female, ordained or lay. Our Spiritual Guide is any Spiritual Teacher who leads us into correct paths to liberation and enlightenment by giving teachings and showing a good example.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso~ Modern Buddhism, p. 207

This Thanksgiving weekend as I sit and reflect back it dawns on me what a special gift I have been given. I am grateful for many things but for the purpose of this post I would like to give thanks and a shout out to my sons, Brian 11 and Alex 10. They are my little spiritual guides bringing to life my Lamrim meditations and teachings. Here are some examples of my spiritual guides at work.

They make it possible for me to receive dharma teachings that lead to liberation and enlightenment.

Today the three of us spent a good part of the day at the Dharmapala Kadampa Buddhist Center. I arrived expecting to teach a Dharma for kids class followed by the three of us attending a mala making class. When no children showed up for class I asked the boys if they wanted to join in on the Introduction to Meditation class being offered at the same time. They said yes and away we went. They did wonderful with the meditation, participated in the class discussion, and seemed to really enjoy both the meditation and mala making class. Their willingness, great behavior, and enthusiasm make it possible to attend classes.

Alex teaches me how precious and rare our human life is and spiritual practice is important.

The other day we all got into my van to go out to dinner. The Prayers for Meditation cd was in and playing. Alex was sitting in the back seat singing away. He did not ask me to put on his favorite pop station. He was content and happy singing the prayers. This makes me recall the line; practicing dharma and not wasting our human life on meaningless activities, from the first Lamrim meditation.

Our dog had surgery this week and when we brought her home I could see the pain and worry on his face. Alex loves our dog and hates to see her suffer in any way. He continually expresses his wish for her to have a human rebirth so she too can reach enlightenment. The love and sincerity of his wish reminds me how rare and special this human life is.

On Thanksgiving as we all stated the many things we were grateful for Alex said he was grateful he was a Buddhist. I can’t help but see in his statement the reliance and understanding of going for refuge.

Thank You Alex

Brian sets the example of all living beings are our mothers and cherishing others is most important.

One day Brian asked if we would allow him to stop eating meat. One of his reasons stated was that he could not harm or eat another living being. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s contemplation for the meditation Advantages of Cherishing Others: The precious mind that cherishes all living beings protects both myself and others from suffering, brings happiness, and fulfills our wishes.

He has scooped up bugs and carried them outside instead of killing them for as long as I can remember. We even joke calling him the stink bug whisperer because of how often he carries them outside and never once gets sprayed. His compassion for all living things brings to my mind the realization that all beings are our mothers.

Two weeks ago I took Brian to a occupyroanoke meditation event. I did not realize it was not a guided meditation until the last-minute and had no time to prepare him. So I just whispered say a mantra or think about wishing peace. It was a 30 minute meditation and he did great. Walking back to the car I told him how I was wishing the 99% happiness and freedom from suffering. He explained that he too started out with that wish but felt like it was mean to leave the 1% out and so included them in his wish for happiness as well. I am humbled and inspired by his realization to cherish all beings.

Thank You Brian

Peace and Flowers